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For Land Rovers & Other Makes

We’re one of the first UK companies to get a 6-speed auto BMW M57 engine conversion running in a Defender and now leading specialists in 8 speed auto conversions for Land Rover Defenders.
We were also the first to get the N57 and 8 speed automatic in a Defender


MW Machines BMW engine conversion into a Land Rover Defender
BMW M57 engine Land Rover conversion company

BMW M57 engine conversion parts for Land Rover Defender

Ford Ranger conversion with BMW M57 auto engine

BMW M57 engine conversion parts for Other Makes

Performance. Power. Economy.

MW Machines 4×4 brings you the best of BMW’s engineering finesse to the rugged tenacity of Land Rover. By combining the might of Germany’s finest and Britain’s great hero, MW Machines 4×4 brings you a dynamic driving experience on and off-road. With the awesome might of a BMW engine inside your Land Rover MW Machines 4×4 really does enable you to make your 4×4 work for you. MW Machines 4×4 brings you conversion kits, pre-converted vehicles and vehicle conversion services.

One Life. Live it. With a BMW engine conversion.

Conversion Kits

MW Machines 4×4 BMW Conversion Kits enable you to take your 4×4 to places it has never been before.
With everything you need included to enable you to fully convert your 4×4 engine – swapping out the tired old engine for a BMW M57 – you’ll be able to bring power, performance and economy to your 4×4 life.

Pre-Converted Vehicles

If you like the feel of power and performance but don’t have the time or skills to undertake a full engine conversion yourself, we provide a range of pre-converted vehicles. Each vehicle is a one off conversion and gives you the opportunity to get straight behind the wheel of a Land Rover Defender with the finesse of a BMW.

Conversion Services

For those who have a vehicle ready but neither the time, skills or equipment necessary, we offer our own engine conversion service.
Drop off your standard Defender and you will be picking up a high-performance machine worthy of being both a daily drive or an off-road monster.

After a BMW M57 Engine for a Land Rover?

To find out more about the types of conversions we do and which option is best for you view our FAQs section

One Life. Live it. With a BMW engine conversion.

MW Machines 4×4 brings knowledge and expertise to offer you a range of 4×4 engine conversion options. At MW Machines 4×4 we are pioneering a revolution in 4×4 and Land Rover Conversion. Installing the renown BMW M57 brings a new world of power, high performance and fuel economy to brag about. Land Rover BMW engine conversion bring comfort to your 4×4 that means you will be able to use your truck as a workhorse, on road and heading into the deepest mudholes.

Land Rover Conversions

Combining the off-road prowess of Land Rover with the engineering skill of BMW means you will have a 4×4 experience you’ve only dreamt of. Tackle the job yourself, pick up something from our garage or bring your vehicle to us. You can trust MW Machines to chance your 4×4 expectations and unlock the full potential of your truck.