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How we came to offer BMW M57 engine conversion parts

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I come from an Off-Roading background which built my intimate knowledge of the engineering of Land Rovers and the rigours of off-roading.
With experience working at Whitbread Off-Road, I built my own Winch Challenge Tubular-Space Frame Off Road truck. Over time my racer evolved into a competitive Ultra 4.
Coming from an offroad background I used to work at Whitbread Off road where I built my Winch challenge tubular space frame Off roader which then changed over the years into an Ultra 4 racer.

My Engine

Previously, I ran a TD5 engine in my racer. I always thought of it as a brilliant bit of kit but after just a few short years of racing I was finding that I just didn’t have the punch and power to keep up with the pack of V8 powered rivals.
I considered overhauling my TD5 engine to throttle every last ounce out of it. Instead of undertaking such a big project for what I knew would be at best marginal gains I took the leap for a BMW engine conversion and chose the BMW 3-litre, Straight 6 Diesel.
Its base ratings all matched the TD5 I had been achieving with a tuned TD5, so It gave a massive potential for much more. All from just a few supporting modifications and a remap. Being massively impressed with my racing truck BMW engine conversion, I decided to create a road going 4×4 engine conversion using a BMW engine.

Tackling gearboxes

I fitted the M57 engine into my Land Rover Defender and this alone created a great deal of interest in Land Rover to BMW engine conversions. Finding people struggled with the sheer power and performance that the engine choice offered in a vehicle whose original engine struggled at the best of times meant that I realised my new Land Rover to BMW engine conversions needed the 6 speed automatic gearbox.
The M57 can be a tricky beast with the clutch, especially with driver misuse and error. In fact, all high-powered BMW 335d and 535d models are fitted with an automatic as standard for this very reason. Not only does the choice of gearbox allow drivers to cope with the powerful engine, it also gives you a smooth driver and effortless gear change.

Land Rover Defender with BMW engine conversion

Why Choose Us

We are one of the first engineers in the UK to get the BMW 6 speed auto running in an Land Rover engine conversion!
Having pioneered the process, I have personally fitted many of these engines with a range of vehicles. I know the difficulties, problems and pitfalls that can occur so I can both guide you in completing your own Land Rover to BMW engine conversion. Having this intimate knowledge means I am the best in the UK at both providing the engine conversion services or kits and offering any guidance necessary for a wide variety of vehicles.

Our Approach

The MW Machines 4×4 centres on honesty. We are not here to oversell, drive a hard sell or try to con our clients into something they don’t need. Our Land Rover to BMW engine conversions and conversion kits really speak for themselves.
We also will not try to convince you that you will be getting a ‘brand new engine’ for the cost of a very used second-hand engine. As with the nature of the majority of 4×4 engine conversions, the engine will likely be from a donor vehicle, and that brings its own risks.
Anyone purchasing from us, be it a pre-made vehicle, a kit or using our fitting services is taking responsibility for the ongoing reliability of the engine.

Solutions We Provide

We offer BMW M57 engine conversion parts especially designed for Land Rover Defender fitment. Many of the parts are universal and can be used in other applications such as other car to 4×4 engine conversions, motorsport and even people fitting them to boats.

Offering full set of parts:-

  • BMW engine to R380 manual Land Rover gearbox fitment
  • BMW engine and BMW 6 speed automatic gearbox to LT230 fitment
  • All parts associated with these.
  • BMW and 8 speed automatic

After a BMW M57 Engine for a Land Rover?

To find out more about the types of conversions we do and which option is best for you view our FAQs section

How we can help you

The first thing is understanding carefully what you actually want and need. There are actually three versions of the M57 engine with differing gearbox combinations. We are here to guide you once we have had a good chat about what it is you want to achieve with your Land Rover to BMW Engine Conversion.

We also help you to understand what it is you are getting from a Land Rover to BMW engine conversion. We help you to understand the costs involved, and also understand the expectations of the age and prior use of the donor engine.

We can help you to understand the process of a Land Rover to BMW engine conversion and how it will benefit you.