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Whether you’re after a fully converted Land Rover Defender with a BMW engine conversion ready to go, or you want to do it yourself, we can help

Services for BMW conversions

Conversion Kits

Do it yourself

Bring yourself a new level of power and performance by fitting your own Land Rover to BMW engine conversion. We supply all the parts needed to enable you to comfortably fit an M57 into your vehicle. We also supply the knowhow and advice to help you get the best out of your vehicle. Whether you are doing an engine conversion on a Land Rover Defender or another 4×4, we’re here to help you through the process. Our conversion kits are largely universal, so speak to us today to find out how you can get started on your own BMW engine conversion. Our kits offer you everything you need to be able to fit the BMW M57 engine and 6 speed gearbox. One life. Live it. With a BMW engine.

What’s included

Offering full set of parts:-

  • BMW engine to R380 manual Land Rover gearbox fitment
  • BMW engine and BMW 6 speed automatic gearbox to LT230 fitment
  • All parts associated with these.
  • BMW and 8 speed automatic (coming soon)
  • And the BMW hybrid maybe one day soon

Read our PDF guide for more information on our BMW M57 (306D1) 3.0 litre to Defender 300Tdi gearbox conversion parts kit for Land Rover Defender models

Read our PDF guide for more information on our BMW M57N (306D2) 3.0 litre ZF6HP26 six-speed automatic gearbox conversion parts kit for Land Rover Defender models

After a BMW M57 Engine for a Land Rover?

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Pre-converted vehicles

No work required

Not everyone has the technical skills, garage space, equipment or time to complete a project like an engine conversion. That shouldn’t mean that you don’t get to sample the awesome power and precision of a BMW engine conversion. We are able to offer a range of one-off converted vehicles to take the pain away and just leave you with the most pleasurable driving experience you could imagine in a Land Rover Defender. One test drive of our pre-converted vehicles and you will find yourself gunning the engine at lights and giving other drivers ‘that’ look. Are you ready for a sub-7 second experience in a Defender? Get in touch with us today to find out more. One life. Live it. With a BMW engine.

We offer

Offering Land Rover vehicles pre-converted:-

  • Land Rover 90s
  • Land Rover 110s
  • Land Rover TD5s
  • Land Rover Pickups
  • Land Rover Twin Cab
Ready to drive away BMW engine conversion in a Land Rover Defender

After a BMW M57 Engine for a Land Rover?

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Conversion Services

We’ll do your conversion

MW Machines 4×4 started life offering conversion services for those who had seen our race truck and wanted their own taste of the Land Rover to BMW engine conversion life. Whilst we no longer have enough time left to offer many slots to complete conversion for you, we do have some openings. Especially if you want to bring us a challenge! Get in touch to discuss what you are looking for and tell us a little about the vehicle you have and what makes you want a BMW engine conversion.

Frequently asked questions

Will my Land Rover be 2wd after having a 6 speed automatic conversion?
No you still retain the original Land Rover Defender 4wd transfer box so the car will still be as it was before the conversion.
How do you operate the Hi/Low and differential lock with a 6 speed automatic gearbox?
We sell a kit with pneumatically operated rams activated by electric switches from the centre console. You can also fabricate and fit a mechanical linkage or use cable and the usual style high/low lever.
Can you supply a manual BMW M57 kit to suit the TD5 R380?
Yes we can but it is a custom adaptor that we only get made on special order. We advise either sourcing a 300TDI R380 or having your Td5 gearbox rebuilt using a 300TDI main shaft and use a bellhousing off a 300TDI gearbox. If you are adamant you need to keep your Td5 R380 gearbox then please contact us but it is available to order in.
Can you supply parts or fit 335D/535D twin turbo BMW engines?
Yes we can, these are no different to the usual M57 single turbo models for most parts.
Can you supply BMW M47 4 cylinder engines like from a 320D/520D?
Yes we can, please message us for your specific needs but M47 is also available. It is a great choice for Land Rover Series models.