M57N2 automatic- Defender TDCI (2007-2016) bolt in mount kit

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M57N2 bolt in mount kit for Land Rover Defender TDCI models.

This kit allows you to bolt the M57N2 aluminium block engine to the original TDCI chassis mounts using the original TDCI rubber mounts. Designed for use with both standard TDCI engine rubber mounts and standard TDCI gearbox rubber mounts This is only for these engines, engine code 306D3. Also further to this it is for when using the BMW engine and the ZF6 speed automatic gearbox. THIS IS NOT FOR USING THE ORIGINAL DEFENDER MANUAL MT82 gearbox.

Also if you Defender has air conditioning and you plan to keep this fitted to the vehicle then if you have a low mount A/C compressor from an E60 for example you will not be able to fit the A/C compressor without either moving the steering box and using a P38 set up or making a new A/C compressor bracket to mount the pump closer to the engine. If you have A/C we strongly recommend you get an engine from an E90 330D. This is what this kit has being developed around and although it will fit other models you will need to check fitment and may have clearance issues.
If you do not have A/C then you will be able to remove the low mount A/C from the E60 BMW car options and use these mounts. There will also be a clearance issue with the E70 steering pump on the chassis rail using these so again it is best to use the following as a guide-

Defender TDCI with A/C – use an E90 330D donor vehicle
Defender without A/C use an E60 530D donor vehicle

Kit comes complete with 2 x engine mounting brackets. 2 x transmission mounting brackets and bolts for the engine mounting brackets.

(Transmission brackets only suit lt230 adaptor available on our web shop or from Syncro gearboxes. It does not suit other makes of LT230 adaptors.)