BMW conversion M57 automatic wiring harness

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M57N/M57N2-6HP automatic body wiring harness – Body wiring harness for BMW M57/M57N2 and 6 speed automatic gearbox. Designed around Land Rover Defender fitment but is universal the lenght of wires suits Land Rover Defender. Please ensure you confirm type required, X53 or 330D/530D fitment at time of ordering.

This is a comprehensive body wiring harness for the BMW M57N and M57N2 for all engine connections and ZF6hp gearbox connections. We have developed this to be as plug and play as possible to keep the work down to absolute bare minium for those that do not enjoy wiring!

Includes, throttle pedal connector, OBD diagnostics port, ECU connection, gearbox power connection, gearstick connections including full working sports mode and tip tronic connections, pre-wired fuel pump relay control, prewired reverse light relay control, pre-wired start inhibit relay, full CAN BUS intergration complete with resistance built in to ensure correct comunication between engine ECU and gearbox, brake switch to ensure saftey for shifter selection.

All the above is pre-wired and as plug and play as possible! There is minium connections needed, reduces wiring for these auto conversions down to 6-7 wires left to connect.

The most comprehensive wiring harness on the market for these conversions! We have put the development in so you do not have too. Ideal if wiring is stopping you from carrying out these conversions.

The best model for minimal wiring is the X5 E53 3.0D 2004-2006 M57N / ZF 6 speed automatic Engine code 306D2 / gearbox ZF6hp26 This is the best all round conversion if you are looking for a simple harness. Other models like 330D and 530d are also fine but you will have 1-2 extra connections and most engines from these will require parts from the E53 X5 to finish the conversion. For example most car cable shifters are too short in cable length so you will need a cable shifter from an X5 E53 as they are longer to suit the Defender application, therefore most harnesses are supplied with the X5 trim shifter surround connection plugs for P-R-N-D trim,