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Defender-M57N/6HP conversion kit (BMW X5 E53 kit)

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Complete parts conversion kit for the BMW 3.0D M57N 306D2 engine and 6hp26 gearbox into a Land Rover Defender.

Parts include-

  • Engine mounting kit. (chassis engine brackets REQUIRE welding onto chassis, gearbox mounts are bolt in type)
  • Placement jig’s for welding new mounts supplied to chassis
  • Custom Lt230 adaptor, X-drive type, for connecting X5 6hp26 automatic to Land Rover LT230 transfer box
  • Complete body wiring harness with choice of BMW or Defender TDCI throttle pedal
  • Power steering pipes
  • Boost pipes to suit standard Defender TD5/TDCI uprated intercooler
  • Universal temperature gauge and inline adaptor
  • ECU holder
  • BMW brake switch holder
  • Optional oil cooler kit (Oil cooler, thermostat and gearbox fittings supplied only, AN10 fittings and pipework to be sourced separately)
  • ECU service for running stand- alone

Technical notes-

This kit is for any Land Rover Defender pre-TDCI. This is NOT suitable for TDCI models. It is for use with the BMW 3.0 D engines from an X5 E53 years 2004-2006. Make sure you have the correct BMW M57 model, the engine, M57N engine code 306D2 and it is a 6hp26. We recommend buying a complete donor vehicle as listed above and so you can test drive the vehicle prior to fitting and you have all the parts needed to complete the conversion.

Transfer box will be moved into TDCI Defender position so will be further back than older Defenders. Some model Defenders you can switch the front and back propshafts round to get the correct propshaft lengths. If not you can source Defender TDCI propshafts.

For Pre-Td5 models you will need to source a Td5 centre crossmember.

We suggest using a standard Td5/TDCI radiator with Td5/TDCI uprated intercooler. Some intercoolers do not fit with our oil cooler when mounted underneath the intercooler. We recommend using an Allisport uprated intercooler as this is what we use in house and fits with our oil cooler. Boost pipes are for 51mm inlet and outlet on the intercooler. Allisport are supplying intercoolers for M57’s with 57mm outlets so if this is what you have ordered please select the option on the boost pipes when ordering.

We use the original X5 E53 donor fuel pump and in-line filter. A 3-5 bar pre-supply pump is needed with all models apart from a Td5 where the original Td5 fuel pump can be used.

Conversion exhaust systems are available through Demand Engineering Ltd, , you can order 2.5″ or 3″ exhaust to connect up to standard Land Rover rear section or a complete stainless system for your Land Rover.

The conversion retains all the normal Land Rover 4wd functions as the original LT230 4wd transfer box is fitted onto the back of the BMW automatic gearbox. You can make your own High/low- diff lock lever, use a cable shift Discovery 2 lever or use our air shifter kit on our other listings which allows selection of hi/low and diff lock via switches.