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BMW M57 306D1 – R380 adaptor kit

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This adaptor kit allows you to bolt the M57 306D1 engine as found in early 3.0D BMW vehicles and the Range Rover L322 TD6 models to the 300TDI R380 Land Rover gearbox.

Kit comes complete with custom billlet adaptor plate, dust shield plate, dual mass flywheel, complete with starter ring and flywheel bolts (or customer can source their own using the part number below in notes),  full custom clutch kit, release bearing or optional Heavy duty release bearing and full bolt kit.

This is a great upgrade bolt in upgrade for your old tired 300TDI engine. Combined with our M57 300TDI bolt in mounts fitting could not be any easier! Simply remove the old 300TDI engine. Bolt the adaptor up to the M57 engine following our instructions. Bolt the engine to the 300TDI R380. Bolt our engine mounts on the BMW M57 engine and then bolt them on to your existing 300TDI chassis mounts.

Perfect for those with a 300TDI galvanised chassis as no engine mount welding is required!

Notes with this kit-

We only rate the clutch limit at 200BHP 500Nm of torque. We have several cars out there running this conversion and as a fast road car it is great. We have cars running more than this power and they are taking the abuse no problem. If you plan on running 35 inch tyres and want to abuse your car with zero mechanical sympathy then this is not the kit for you. Fit the 6 speed BMW gearbox instead. However we much prefer this option as we think its the best budget kit you can buy and is extremely underrated!

We also advise using the later M57N starter motor. Found on any BMW vehicle M57 after 2004 onwards.


BMW part number for dual mass flywheel used is – OEM 21217512329

BMW part number for flyhweel bolts if needed is – OEM 11222243051

Note for L322 donor engines you will need to modify the sump for axle clearance or mount the engine further backwards. The best option is to use a sump from an E39, E46 or E53 model then there will be no clearance issue with the axle.